Dynamic Live & Dry Blood Analysis

the blood never lies

the evidence is just one finger prick away

Darkfield Microscopy

Live Blood

shows nutritional absorption & assimilation, toxins, acidity, iron levels, cholesterol, arterial plaque, liver & kidney stress, immune system imbalance, parasites, dehydration as well as vitamin & mineral deficiencies

Dry Blood

reveals autoimmune response, toxicity, organ stressors, bowel inflammation, heart murmur, thyroid issues, skin problems, liver burdens, digestion, adrenal functions, bone structure including osteoporosis, emotional stress, Vitamin C & Magnesium deficiencies, inflammation & unresolved severe emotional traumas


Your blood unveils what your body really needs based on your Blood Type as well as your absorption & assimilation capabilities. Medication, drugs, smoking & alcohol tax the body of vital nutrients. The blood analysis enables a clear focus: PUT YOUR MONEY AND EFFORT WHERE IT’S REALLY NEEDED!

White Blood Cells

our immune response

live between just seconds to even years, depending on their individual function

Symplast holding toxins

Red Blood Cells

our nutrient, detox & oxygen vessel

are alive for 120 days, new ones are born while others die every second. Amazing how much our body is able to heal within just four month, if supported by high quality foods and water, proper sleep as well as an active lifestyle

<mark style="background-color:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)" class="has-inline-color has-secondary-color">Blood</mark>, a <em>memory</em> without <em>language</em>
Blood, a memory without language

If you chose to put innatural & healthyyour blood will show the evidence while your body will make you feel it…