Clinic Services

*recover to flourish*

Heilkunst Basics

learn about the foundation of treatment, coaching and counselling

War on Cancer

learn about the three steps to fight YOUR cancer with this newly developed formula

Live Blood Analysis

learn about intricate details to focus your money & effort where it’s needed most

Pain & Illness

Chronic, Acute, First Aid… conditions rare relieved with homeopathic remedies & proper nutritional & lifestyle choices. Spiritual awareness is key for future wellbeing

Mental & Emotional

pains & blockages are released either with homeopathic remedies or the Bliss release technique to empower & inspire! Spiritual awareness is key for future wellbeing

Shocks & Traumas

physical traumas are healed with homeopathic remedies, while emotional traumas may also require the Bliss release technique to forgive, move on & love again


natural, effective & safe alternative to the conventional vaccination inoculation


with leadership, love & compassion based on “natural law” and Waldorf educational insights

Business & Career

advance your professional career, feeling empowered & inspired while conquering fears

She believed she could... so she did...
She believed she could… so she did…